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What Have Educators Learned After a Year of Virtual Schooling?

The novel coronavirus and COVID-19 global pandemic brought normal life to a screeching halt in March 2020 with lockdowns, shutdowns, and stay-at-home orders. Across the nation, schools in every district had a week or two at most to pivot to online technology for remote instruction of their students. It was an experience like no other […]

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The Need to Create an At Home Online Learning Area

Whether you have children at home who are doing distance learning because of the coronavirus pandemic or are engaging in online learning by choice, one of the best strategies for giving them the support they need to succeed is to create an at home online school learning area for each learner. In this article we’ll […]

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Attending Online vs In-Person High School: The Differences

Thanks to the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic that continues to rage across the nation and the world, more students than ever before have experienced a range of differences between attending online vs in-person high school. It’s worth reviewing what those differences are both within the context of a public health emergency as well as […]

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Celebrating 10 Years of Online High School at Achieve Virtual

An online high school program that would allow any student from anywhere in the state of Indiana, whether a teenager or an adult, to get the education they need on terms that work better for them than traditional school was the vision that inspired the creation of Achieve Virtual Education Academy a decade ago. With […]

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Strategies for Online Schooling that Keep Students Engaged

Summer is winding down and the beginning of a new school year is just around the corner, along with much uncertainty about how it will go. With no end to the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic in sight, the online learning environment is going to once again be front-and-center for many students in schools all […]

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Keep Kids Learning with These 7 Free Educational Apps

The novel coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic forced an abrupt shift from traditional classroom education to online learning virtually overnight. Lacking adequate time to make this shift, the online learning environment resulted in a widely varying quality in education from the preschooler to the high school student to college and adult learners. But for parents who […]

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Effective Virtual Learning at Home: Tips for Parents

By mid-March 2020, nearly every school across the nation closed in order to try to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus and COVID-19 to vulnerable people. Most took a week a or two to take a deep breath, plan, and then took the plunge to embrace online learning. Students of all ages have been […]

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Parent Engagement with Student Online Learning Is Important

Just like in traditional learning environments, a parent’s role and impact on student success is both critical and apparent. Parents serve as a coach for their students, at any age, and support them through their learning process. The same way parents can mentor and encourage students that travel nearby for school, a parent also plays […]

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Some helpful planning and strategy will help you enable your child's success in online high school.

Strategies to Help Your Child Succeed in Online High School

Making the move from traditional education models to online high school is a big shift. If you’ve decided that online high school is right for your child’s needs, you’re making a commitment to a lifestyle change for the whole family. Are you ready to adapt your support system to the online format to enable your […]

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Online School for ADHD Teens

Online Schools for ADHD Teens

Online Education for ADHD Teens ADHD teens may struggle with concentration in a traditional classroom setting, but an online high school is often an ideal alternative option, because they offer: Highly individualized instruction and pacing. Flexibility to design your own schedule. Fewer distractions and the ability to control your setting, aiding concentration. Freedom to study […]

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