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Online Homeschool Curriculum

Indiana Online Homeschool Curriculum

Parents who teach their children at home are learning the many benefits of Achieve Virtual’s online homeschool curriculum.

Whether a student has been homeschooled exclusively or has attended school in a traditional classroom, an online homeschool curriculum can help.

As a student nears college, families are often concerned about college eligibility.

Achieve Virtual’s homeschool online curriculum is not only accredited by Indiana Department of Education, but it’s also approved by NCAA for homeschoolers interested in participating in college sports.

The Online Convenience

In addition to boosting a student’s confidence that he’ll have the credits necessary to graduate, an online homeschooling curriculum provides the convenience of 24/7 learning.

Students can do coursework from any location that has an internet connection, using the laptop or PC with which they’re most comfortable.

An online homeschool curriculum from Achieve Virtual allows students to work at their own pace, spending more time on subjects that don’t come as easily to them while powering through those that do.

Courses are taught by certified Indiana teachers, who can work directly with students to provide personalized learning.

One of the things that makes Achieve Virtual the best online homeschool curriculum is that teachers provide ongoing progress updates to parents, letting them know when a student might need extra work in a certain area.

The Extras

Students can find courses that meet their own individual needs at Achieve Virtual.

For AP learners, an online homeschool curriculum provides these advanced classes, as well as dual-credit courses. Students can take the free online homeschool classes offered by Achieve Virtual in conjunction with dual-credit courses to give a student credit toward both a high school degree and college credit.

With Achieve Virtual, parents remain involved in their students’ education, continuing the many benefits of the homeschooling environment.

But through this homeschool online curriculum, students also have the advantage of being able to learn directly from some of the best public educators in the state, who work in partnership with Achieve Virtual to help online students learn.

Whether a student is transitioning from a public school environment or has been homeschooled throughout the learning years, an online homeschool curriculum can help achieve graduation goals while also preparing for the years ahead.

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