Online High School Fall Registration

Fall 2023 Registration Opens June 1st

Fall Registration for Online High School

Fall registration for Achieve Virtual online high school

For every type of student, from traditional and non-traditional to adult learners, it’s important to know that it’s not too late to receive a quality online education. For a variety of reasons, from life and scheduling circumstances to the need for learning programs in a different educational environment, online education is now a viable option to achieve high school graduation and receive a diploma.

Achieve Virtual Education Academy is an online high school fully accredited and recognized by the Indiana Department of Education. We offer personalized learning in an online format and cater to the needs of every student. We offer credit recovery, core and elective courses across a comprehensive array of subjects, and course materials to help every student advance their online education. Registration for our Fall 2021 semester is now open, and Indiana students and families can change the education that their children receive.

Our curriculum is fully aligned with the state standards set forth by the state of Indiana, and in many cases goes above and beyond to provide the highest quality education for online students. Students can receive Core 40, Honors and AP degrees when they graduate, and tuition is free for full-time students. For part-time students, payment plans can be arranged to make education affordable and achievable.

Enrolling for Fall 2021

To enroll for classes in our fall 2020 semester, click the yellow “Enroll Now” button to go to our registration and enrollment page. Follow the steps below to complete enrollment for the fall 2021 semester at Achieve Virtual Education Academy.

First, start the process of registering for classes online by clicking the “Register Now” button.

Next, if you are an adult registering for a student under 18, fill out the form and create a parent/guardian account.

Whether you’re a student or a guardian, complete the Student Application and get started.

Once the student application is completed, Achieve Virtual will read over it and call you to verify some of the information you’ve entered. Once your information has been verified, we will accept your application and you will be able to work with one of our counselors on selecting a course.

We will need transcripts for full-time students, and these can be mailed, emailed, or faxed to us. Students can request a copy of their transcript using Docufide by Parchment.

Once you’ve scheduled classes, students and teachers will be sent automatic emails informing of class enrollment. You’ll soon receive calls from teachers setting up courses and getting started.

We’re excited to see you with Achieve Virtual as your fall semester 2021 high school!

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