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Traditionally, people attend school until the age of 18, then graduate. If a student can’t attend, that student was at one time forced to drop out and move forward without a degree.

In recent years, however, the concept of the non-traditional student has emerged, with students able to receive a degree outside of the classroom environment.

These students can attend school in the comfort of their own homes, at an hour that is most convenient for them.

Historically, non-traditional schools have met at night or on weekends. Non-traditional high schools were designed to let students catch up during a time they might not be working or otherwise occupied.

But these classroom settings require a time commitment from busy adults, who often are challenged to sit in a classroom on a set day each week.

Achieve Virtual’s online high school allows a non-traditional student to take classes from any location that has an Internet connection, offering a level of convenience not found with other types of non-traditional learning.

What is a non-traditional student?

There are a variety of reasons someone might be a non-traditional student. Often these students became unable to complete high school at a certain point, whether due to the need to work, an unexpected pregnancy, medical issues, behavioral issues, or some other reason.

An online high school enables these students to work toward a degree from home, without ever having to set foot in a classroom.

The non-traditional student definition describes a student who cannot attend public school the traditional way. A traditional student attends school when it is in session, which is traditionally Monday through Friday from morning to midday.

Aside from designated seasonal vacations, this schedule is throughout the year. At some point during those school-age years, some students can become unable to meet this obligation. In other cases, students are unable to operate in a structured environment.

A Personalized Approach

In addition to convenience, a free education from Achieve Virtual gives each non-traditional student coursework from certified Indiana educators. These educators provide one-on-one assistance to each student as needed.

These amenities give students an experience unlike any other they’d receive through non-traditional high schools.

In addition to being available when students need them, Achieve Virtual’s teachers will regularly reach out to students who are participating in online courses through the site.

This gives students the opportunity to ask any questions they might have been too shy to otherwise ask. Parents can also speak with educators about a student’s progress to make sure graduation will happen as scheduled.

Achieve Virtual offers non-traditional students the opportunity to learn online, at their own pace. By obtaining a high school degree, these students will have access to new, exciting career and education opportunities they might not have otherwise had.

Since these online courses are free, a non-traditional student has nothing to lose and everything to gain by learning from the best Indiana educators available.

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